Did you know that today, March 29, is the unofficial smoke and mirrors holiday? Neither did I. And yes, I had to Google it. This unofficial holiday celebrates magic. Smoke and mirrors is a phrase used to describe things or actions that are deceptive, manipulative, or lack complete explanation. That is a rather devious definition, isn’t it?

It is a rare and amazing gift to be offered the opportunity to see behind the curtain. When you are offered that opportunity don’t shy away. It can be hard to see the reality of things, but only in seeing, really seeing things for what they are can you truly choose your path.

There are moments in life when the smoke clears and the glass shatters and you are left there, standing in the midst of your reality. Whether it was one of your making or someone else’s, it is where you are with no deception, no filter. Where are you? Who are you? Do you like where and who you are?

On that day, do not scramble to pick up the broken shards of the mirror and wish for the quiet comfort of the smoke. Instead, lift your head, straighten your shoulders. Accept the challenge.

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