Today is the unofficial holiday, “I am in Control” Day. I found this out when I was looking up that yesterday was Smoke and Mirrors Day. Interesting that today is also the day that Marylanders received the notice that our governor issued a Stay At Home Order effective 8 pm tonight. In this time of being not in control of many things in our lives, today apparently is the day that we take back control.

Now, I do not mean to ignore the order to stay at home. I agree with the order as a way to flatten the curve on this pandemic. What I mean is think about the things in your life that you can control in this time of feeling very out of control. There are still a great many things that you can control in your world. Start with the simple things. If you start feeling overwhelmed as you begin to think, pick the first one that comes to mind. Or think of what you have always wanted to learn that you never had time for before? Learn a new language, perhaps? A new routine? A morning routine of coffee and a walk?

Today is your day to be your own superhero.

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