Which would normally be followed by, ‘yes, but it is my mess.’ Except we can’t say that anymore. At least I don’t feel that I can. The pandemic wasn’t started by any of us. Random guy eats random bat death and economic collapse to follow. It just happened. The scientists that are working hard on developing a vaccine could tell all of us exactly how it happened. If they don’t have that answer yet, they soon will. Either way it will start the same, random guy eats random bat.

The hospital staff, EMS, are overwhelmed fighting an enemy that no one can see. Not with the naked eye any way. So, yeah, the world is a mess right now. Your microcosmic world doesn’t have to be a mess. Even though our space is limited through shelter in place orders.

If you are struggling to find order out of chaos start with something small. What can you do within your four walls? What is something that you have always wanted to learn? Start with that. Start with something fun. There is enough out there in the world that is serious and grim. No need to bring the and keep that darkness inside your house. Bring in the light and keep it there. This will be over soon.

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